Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Don’t Starve To Lose Weight (PART 1)

Lower Your Cholesterol Without Medication!

Prevent or Even Reverse Diabetes!

Drastically Lower your Risk of Heart Disease!

Are those preposterous claims? No, these claims are substantial in medical literature – here is how you can do it. Let’s begin with the issue of controlling weight. 

Most Americans are overweight. In the past two decades this condition has increased to pandemic proportions: 60 to 80 percent of adults are overweight. Many are in the obese category. These extra pounds are making us more susceptible to a host of health problems from heart disease to diabetes to certain cancers, and much more.

Very few of us are please with the extra pounds we are carrying, although some of us have developed a jolly spirit in an attempt to relieve our private agony. Recently I worked with a woman who weighed nearly 500 pounds. As time went by she confided to me her innermost feelings: “When I go to an all-you-can-eat restaurant, people look at me and think, What are you doing in here, you big fat slob?” Those were the tragic words, not mine. Her negativity is a common thread among overweight people.

Solutions, of course, are offered everywhere. Friends offer unsolicited advice and advertises promise pills to suppress hunger and burn calories. These slick and convincing ads seldom reveals the research: less than 5 percent of Americans who dies keep the weight off long-term. Most of us know that from painful experience.

“But,” you ask, “how do I know your plan is not just another empty promise?” That’s fair question. You will need a certain degree of trust to accept our proposed eating plan, but it might help you to know that we have nothing to sell. It will cost you less than what you are spending right now on your Pantry. The approach is very simple: You essentially eat all you want and lose weight slowly and consistently – and keep it off as long as you stay with the plan. 

“Wait a minute,” you say. “All the plans work if you stay with them!” True. Most dieters gain their weight back because they quit the diet. But there are three great differences with this plan. 1. You eat all you want. 2. No spending money on a “weight loss” product. 3. You don’t diet, you live it. This is a new life style – one so workable and energizing that you will never want the old one back. So what is this plan? Here it is in one simple sentence: Exercise moderately and eat only unrefined plan foods.

You’re probably wondering, Is that a life? Where will I get the energy to exercise? How can I turn down favorite foods while people all around me, some of them thin, enjoy the American diet? One key is to visualize success. See yourself buying new clothes, several sizes smaller. Imagine a life of looking and feeling great. That is a life!

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