Saturday, 28 April 2012

Don’t Starve To Lose Weight (PART 3)


Start with delicious produce, grains, and nuts. Thoughtfully prepare them in your own kitchen. Then sit down and enjoy several helpings, guilt-free. Unrefined plant foods are naturally low in fat. That helps you to lose weight, because a low you up. A pound of fat has more than twice the calories of a pound of carbohydrate or protein. A meal from my blog might have half the calories of the meal you ate last night!

What did you eat last night? If you had a serving or two of vegetables and salad, good for you! But you may be struggling with extra weight because you’re eating refined foods: dressings, gravies, sauces, and entrèes. The term refined foods refer to the process of removing fiber nutrients from plant foods and usually increasing the amount of fat. There is another way to eat your entrèes, potatoes, fruit, and vegetables! You don’t have to eat then plain – you’ll learn about that in the recipes that I will start listing soon.

Refined foods can be blamed for most of the excess pounds people carry around. The culprits are oil, butter, and the high percentage of fat found in meat. Neva replaces oil in her recipes with nuts, olives, and coconut. Those foods give you all the moisture you need and make the food taste great, but because the refining process is left behind, you don’t get too many calories.

Obviously junk food is highly refined. A 200-calorie potato becomes a 1,000-calorie bag of chips. Chips are easy to eat, and even easier to store as fat. Other refined foods such as white bread, pasts and rice, are not as fattening but should be replaced with their whole-grain originals. Fewer calories are consumes, while the fiber and nutrients your body needs are restored.

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