Friday, 20 April 2012

Healthy Cuisine Your Family Will Love (Part 1)

We are writing the 7 Cooking Secrets because we want to help you improve your family’s health. The fact that you are on this blog indicates that you are interested in cooking healthy meals. But maybe you aren’t sure how to do it. We frequently read or hear in the media advice from leading nutritionists, scientists, and physicians on what we should be eating. But it isn’t easy to make lifestyle changes, especially when it comes to changing what we eat.

Eating delicious food is delightful experience. But we Westerners have developed a taste for food that is risky to our health. And we have lost the skills (and determination) needed to prepare healthful food that is also tasty and attractive. 7 Cooking Secrets can help change that. We know that if healthful food tasted good, looked appealing, and was affordable, you and your family be happy to eat it!

How can you get your family to adopt more healthy eating habits? It will take some willingness to allow their tastes to change gradually. At our home almost everyone enjoy these healthy dishes. Every recipe may not be a winner for everyone, but here in our blog are some suggestions that we believe will help you introduce healthy food to your family. 

1. Go slowly. Don’t clear the meat, dairy, and oil out of your kitchen all at once. Add one now meal to your menu at a time. Soon it will become a family favorite.      

2. Serve your first dish without fanfare. Don’t announce, “That is healthy!” or “This is cashew cheese!” Cashews can never be cheese. But that entrée will be delicious because of the nuts, and they won’t miss the cheese if you don’t mention it.

3. Heart disease or diabetes can be dramatically reserved for many people. If you or someone in your family has one of those conditions, you’ll want to make changes more rapidly. Go ahead! Get rid of the culprit foods and make a new shopping list based on this blog. Just be sure you make changes deliberately and steadily.

You will notice that there is a spiritual flavour in 7 Cooking Secrets. This is because we believe that our bodies belong to God – a concept found in the Bible. We believe that the best health will result when you accept God-given responsibility to keep your body as healthy as possible. (You’ll enjoy reading my blog as I will also share my personal story, where how I was so unskilled in the kitchen until God answered my prayer for help.) No matter what your spiritual values are, we’re sure you will benefit from making healthy food taste good.

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