Sunday, 22 April 2012

Healthy Cuisine Your Family Will Love (Part 2)

People are often concerned that if they quit using so many refined or prepared products, it will take more time in the kitchen-efficiency can make up for much of it! So I will include Efficiency Tips, the result of many years of experience in saving time.

The Ingredients Equivalents article gives general guidelines for substitution-a real plus if something is missing from your pantry. Another helpful article is Menus and Shopping Lists. Those articles will provide complete menus with shopping lists – enough for four weeks! This will help you get a running start on what to plan for the family and what to keep on your pantry shelf.

If you have children or grandchildren, you’ll appreciate Favorites for Children. These are recipes kids especially enjoy eating them into the kitchen to help you make the healthy and delicious dishes!

Finally, we make every effort to use only unrefined plant products. These are some exceptions mainly in the use of sweeteners and also in an effort to “reach out” to family members who may not be ready to follow the very best dietary plan for their health or at least not without the changes taking more time. We often use dates raisins, or some other whole food sweetener, but also use some honey, syrup, or sugar of some kind, though sparingly. It is certainly possible for one to use some refined flour, for example, in a recipe, in an effort to make a preparation a little more like the standard fare.

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