Sunday, 13 May 2012

Prevent or Even Reverse Diabetes (Part 5)

In many ways it would be better to use insulin injections from the beginning and avoid the side effects of the oral medications. In fact, many of the medications used simply force the Pancreas to produce even more insulin-----so the result would be the same if one took injections and at the same time avoided side effects! However there are now additional classes of oral medications that work in other ways than chemically forcing the pancreas to produce more insulin. They cooperate with the body’s effort to make more sugar movers. But they are expensive and still have side effects.

How much better to influence the body to make sugar movers naturally, rather than continuing to increase blood level of insulin! And that is the effect of exercise. Using our muscles has the effect of actually changing our genes (DNA) or the chemical controlling what the DNA does. The result is the increasing production of sugar movers.

So, since the problem is the lack of sugar movers and since the only way to increase those naturally is to exercise----walk, walk, and use only plant sources of food. Even if you don’t get completely well (normal sugar without medication), you will be so close to being well that likely a very small amount of medication will keep your sugar at safe level!

It is critical that with type 2 diabetes who gets well on the plan recommended here must stay with it religiously. They are not cured but are, if you will, in remission. Returning to the old lifestyle will likely plunge them into diabetes again. (Dont blame the physicians who look on this plan with some concern. They are the ones who have to struggle to get the diabetic back under control again when he/she falls back into the old ways---- without realizing their sugar was again out of control and wreaking havoc in their bodies).

Keep in mind the effort is takes to get well works completely for only about 40 percent of diabetics, although the other 60 percent do extremely well. And the 40 percent must stay with the plan to stay well. If they become ill enough to be in the hospital, even while following the plan as well as they can while in bed, they will regress to needing diabetic medication again. Most of these can be well again once they are out of the hospital and back on the plan, but this illustrates how fragile a former diabetics state is.

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