Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Seven Secrets To Delightful Food

In order to make plant based foods tasteful and attractive, we have discovered seven basic areas of food preparation and some simple skills will make all the difference. Thus the recipe section in 7 Cooking Secrets is the practical application of seven basic principles – simple secrets of making scrumptious meals that make you forget you’re eating healthy!

1. Use Whole Grains in Place of Refined, and Still Enjoy Your Food.

2. Replace Butter, Oil, and Eggs in Baking Without Sacrificing Tenderness and Taste.

3. Make White or Cheese Sauce to Use in Place of Milk and Cheese, and Yet Enjoy Creamy, Delicious Entrées and Soups.

4. Replace Meat, and Still be Able to Adapt Your Favorite Recipes With Healthful Alternatives.

5. Fry or Sautèe Without Oil, Eliminating a Significant Source of Damaging fat in Your Food.

6. Make a Good Spread or Dressing for Bread and Salad, After All, It’s What We Put on the Bread, Potatoes, or Salad That Makes Them Fattening.

7. Cut Down on Refined Sugar.

As you put these basic skills into practice, you will see that these recipes are not so new and strange after all. They are just new variations of an old familiar theme. Something new and unfamiliar seems hard at first, but after the skill has been tried and learned, you realize how very simple it really is! If you will take the time to become familiar with these few basic techniques, you will have the secret to success.

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